We’ve brought back our lightweight Zephyr shirt in honor of our 200th anniversary

First anniversaries are commemorated with paper, 25th anniversaries with silver, and 50th gets the gold. But for the rare few who make it to 200, it’s all about Zephyr cloth. In honor of Brooks Brothers’ bicentennial, we’ve partnered with celebrated fabric mill Thomas Mason to reintroduce an archival favorite: the Zephyr sport shirt. Each is made from a lightweight cloth and features authentic vintage patterns for which the historic mill is known. It’s the perfect warm-weather shirt for work, the weekend and wherever else.

Zephyr, a smooth cotton cloth, was developed by Thomas Mason in 1818, the same year Henry Sands Brooks opened H. & D. H. Brooks & Co. in New York City. The fabric’s lightness allows for it to be woven with precise definition, perfect for executing the many colors, checks and lines involved in intricate plaid patterns.

Thomas Mason’s history is as rich as Brooks Brothers’: founded in 1796 in Leeds, England, its mill quickly established a reputation as a purveyor of the world’s finest textiles, weaving fabrics sought after by England’s elite for their shirts and suits. The mill maintains this reputation to this day—on an international level—so using one of the fine fabrics they created to make our Zephyr sport shirts was an easy decision, both then and now.

Every gingham, tartan and plaid pattern on our 200th Anniversary Zephyr sport shirts is from the Zephyr archives, reproduced exactly like the originals we sold from 1906 to 1930. They’re made of yarn-dyed cotton fabric, woven in Italy, and sewn in our own factory in the U.S.A. To complete the signature Brooks Brothers look, they’re styled with a button-down collar, mother-of-pearl buttons and our 6-Pleat Shirring® at the barrel cuffs.