From the Archives: Winter Packing List Circa 1901

In 1901 we published a small book titled Don’t Forget: A Little Book of Memoranda for Travellers. To quote its introduction, “this little book is intended to serve solely as a reminder to be referred to when packing one’s portmanteau for a short trip, and will be equally serviceable whether the packing be done by one’s self or one’s man.”

Clearly, times have changed a bit. (A point further illuminated by the following: “A white cravat is in itself unimportant — the want of it may amount to a catastrophe!”) Still, when reading through the suggested winter packing list, we found a surprising amount applies for the sophisticated traveler today. Not all, of course; we’re happily leaving the health bands and knickerbockers behind.

Without further ado, here are ten pieces from our current collection that are essential for winter packing — in 1901 and 2020: