Top Secret. Bottom Drawer.

We take a peek inside the most exclusive drawer in your desk and offer tips on how to stock it with every day essentials. It’s a survival guide for the office, intended to keep you at your best from 9-5.

Bottom-Drawer-ImageNot too long ago, the bottom drawer of a man’s desk likely held a bottle of scotch and a couple of lowballs. Working environments have changed though, and there is now less time for cocktails and more time for serious business. Today the bottom drawer still houses the essentials needed to get you through the day but these are less “spirited” than before.

First and foremost, a clean, neatly folded dress shirt is always in order. You never know what the day may bring—a leaky pen, a messy lunch or a midday shower after a lunchtime workout—the relief you’ll feel when you remember you have a fresh shirt stashed is unmatched. Be sure to also have an extra tie on-hand, preferably one that’s versatile and pairs easily with everything in your closet. If you have an all-important business meeting and need to be at your best, that tie clip and set of cuff links you’ve been holding onto can give you a leading edge in a pinch. A small bottle of cologne may come in handy as well, especially as you emerge from a lunch meeting in that restaurant with poor ventilation.

Your bottom drawer can also provide safekeeping for your most INDISPENSABLE items

Your bottom drawer can also provide safekeeping for your most indispensable items. You take great care to protect your sunglasses during transportation, so why not place your delicate frames in the confines of your drawer during the day? For those who commute, your beloved tablet will also need a secure place to reside, where the threat of damage or theft is minimal. Your checkbook, address book and planner will all benefit from the same protective custody. Last, but not least, a tin of mints is crucial—particularly for those early morning meetings after a late (and memorable) evening.