Tips for the Perfect Golf Swing

Resident golf pro — and guru of the golf simulator in our Madison Avenue flagship store — Federico Frangiamore is here to break down the fundamentals of the perfect swing. From stance to grip, he offers these helpful tips that will surely elevate your game. While we can’t promise a hole in one on your next round (or that you’ll even get on the green in two strokes), we can promise that you’ll think more about form next time you hit the links.

Get a Grip (then watch your form)


This may seem obvious, but the result of your swing depends on how you hold the club. Before you get started, be sure to run through this three-step routine.


1) Always grip the club with your less-dominant hand first, then bring your dominant hand to the grip. Apply pressure to the grip with only your fingertips.


2) Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly turned out to around 30 degrees; keep your hands level with your hips and make sure you adopt a square stance (feet parallel with your shoulders); this allows for an optimal swing plane.


3) Bend your chest slightly forward from the hips and bend your knees gently; for better balance, you should feel your weight 50 percent on your toes and 50 percent on your heels. Let your arms hang in front of your body — straight but not stiff.

Check Your Alignment


Once you’ve assumed the position, make sure your body and the face of the club are properly lined up with the target (the ball… just to be clear). In order of importance, these are the four factors crucial for perfect alignment:


1) Aim the club face square (evenly straight) with the target.

2) Align your stance with the direction of the club face.

3) Line up your shoulders with your stance.

4) Line up your hips with your stance.

Aligning your club and body using these steps will allow for an ideal swing execution. Check to see if your rhythm and timing are in sync with a few practice hacks, and swing away.

To make an appointment with Federico—and to put his techniques into action—email or call our Madison Avenue store 212-682-8800 to book a time.