The New Entrepreneurs: Tilly Hardy

Tilly Hardy is a Manchester native who moved to London to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion stylist. After gathering some experience, Tilly created the website Twenty6 in an effort to showcase her styling work. The name Twenty6 derives from the fact that each issue of the digital magazine features a theme that starts with one of the twenty-six letters in the alphabet. Within only five years, Twenty6 rapidly grew into one of the most popular digital fashion publications to date, raking in over 1.5 million hits to the site per month.

The success of the website has made Tilly a busy woman. When we asked her what rules she lives by, her response was “to take everything as it comes; live life as you can; and always be kind and loyal to people.” Tilly draws this inspiration from her father, a man who she considers one of the hardest working people in her life. 

Dressed in our Wool-Mohair Tartan Blazer and Skirt ensemble paired with our Silk Crepe De Chine Blouse (all from the Brooks Brothers Red Fleece collection), Tilly describes her personal style as “quite classic and chic with little quirky bits and twists” like her pink hair.



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