When waking up at dawn to bake a rhubarb tart before jumping on horseback for a brisk ride through the countryside trails, are you aware that you’re actually still asleep? These dreamy meanderings may be a departure from your morning routine—however, they draw from the English countryside life of the stylish women, vast landscapes and layered heritage that inspired a renewed edition of the traditional hacking jacket for our Fall 2019 collection.

Creative Director Zac Posen at ease in the countryside.

Central to the collection is the hacking jacket, a redesigned classic evolved from the stately 18th century tweed riding coats worn in the country for a leisurely ‘hack,’ or informal horse ride taken for pleasure and exercise, originally created to ride more comfortably while maintaining refinement. One of the most historically influential styles of English clothing, it features an elongated cut, notched lapels, a tailored waist, and a single vent intended to gracefully drape over a saddleback. Even the slanted pockets are thoughtfully constructed for easier access on horseback. Styled for a weekend getaway or a crisp fall afternoon, the hacking jacket brings the misty mornings and rolling hills that have enthralled the stylish-on-horseback to your finely tailored every day.