Our signature Brooks Tartan is a tribute to our highland heritage—a connection that stretches back to our earliest days and the heart of the Brooks Brothers story.



A true combination of the old and the new, our signature tartan is a link between our American legacy and a familial connection to Scotland stretching back to our earliest roots. The story starts in the 1600s, when Thomas Lyon emigrated to the United States from Glen Lyon, Scotland, bringing his traditions across the pond. Almost a century later, his granddaughter, Lavinia, married Brooks Brothers founder Henry Sands Brooks, bringing much of her Scottish heritage and traditions into the marriage.

To create our signature tartan, we combined elements of the traditional Scottish Campbell tartan, which originated in Lavinia’s ancestral home of Glen Lyon, with the triple stripe of our iconic BB#1 stripe rep tie—creating a new, entirely unique motif made exclusively for Brooks Brothers and registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority. It’s a new classic, a tribute to the continued bond between Brooks Brothers’ two legacies and a distinctive way to celebrate our unique history.