Editors’ Picks: Sweater Edition

As far as simple pleasures go, a cozy sweater ranks up right there with the sound of a crackling fireplace or waves crashing on a beach. Florid analogies aside, the simple act of returning to a beloved sweater year after year has a fair amount of nostalgia to it. That’s why we combed this season’s collections (for men and women) and pinpointed the styles that have an elusive heirloom-like look and feel. Below, we’ve listed our top five sweaters of the season, explained why they’ve won our hearts, and detailed when and where to wear them.

The Snowflake Crewneck Sweater
We chose this style because it conjures every positive memory we could imagine. Festive winter design: Check. Warm Scottish lambswool: Check. Perfectly mid-weight for easy layering: Check. The timeless Nordic inspiration of the sweater imbues it with holiday-social-season-cheer while also making it a post-holiday essential. (January is still cold, folks.)

How to wear it: With jeans or flannel-lined chinos, an oxford and a camel coat

Where to wear it: Office holiday party, drinks in the lodge after skiing

Snowflake Crewneck Sweater

The Chunky Turtleneck
The classic turtleneck sweater never goes away—and we say that with great fondness. This crazy-soft version is crafted—in Italy—from a warm merino and cashmere blend (oh hey, comfort) and has a chunky knit pattern that’s reminiscent of a traditional fisherman sweater. It’s offered in two versatile colors, navy and cream, so matching won’t be a problem either.

How to wear it: With charcoal dress trousers and a tonal sport coat

Where to wear it:  Casual Friday at the office, winter weekend in New England

Chunky Turtleneck

The Cashmere V-Neck
Nothing quite triggers our sense of hyggelig (“cozy” in Danish) better than a cashmere sweater. That’s why we pull out all the stops in crafting our men’s collection. We source our luxurious cashmere from Scotland, where it is specially spun to impart the trademark softness associated with the fiber. Each is meticulously crafted in Italy and designed to go the distance (proper care permitting) for years to come. And, since it’s offered in more than 10 colors, you can add a new one to the wishlist each year (no judgment).

How to wear it: Pair it with chinos, a dress shirt and iconic navy blazer

Where to wear it: Date night, business trips (in lieu of a tie)

V-Neck Cashmere Sweater

The Merino Wool Milano-Knit Sweater Coat
Classic design inspiration flirts with sophisticated craftsmanship in this updated sweater coat, made from soft merino wool. Its silhouette is adapted from the popular toggle coat, right down to the leather closures, and the slinky body and wide collar add a hint of drama to the look, giving it an elevated (and entirely functional) sensibility. Entirely versatile, it’s well-suited for transitional weather and can be worn in replacement of a coat for unseasonably warm days (there are bound to be a few).

How to wear it: With skinny pants, crisp white shirt and patent leather loafers

Where to wear it: Shopping in town, on a long-haul flight (it’s warm but not bulky)

Merino Wool Milano-Knit Sweater Coat

The Cashmere Turtleneck
Effortlessly chic and eternally polished, this super-warm turtleneck was made from soft Italian cashmere. The rib detail at the collar, cuffs and hem give it a traditional turtleneck look, but a slim feminine fit gives it a fresh, modern appeal. It’s offered in more than 10 colors as well, so finding a shade that suits will not be difficult. We love it for its versatility; you’ll love it for its comfort.

How to wear it: With stretch cords and a Glen Plaid jacket

Where to wear it: After-work drinks, client luncheon

Cashmere Turtleneck