Ties of a Different Stripe

With the introduction of the reverse-stripe rep tie in 1902,
we continued our tradition of being untraditional.

Defying convention is in the fabric of our brand. Take, for example, one of our most popular and enduring style innovations: the striped rep tie.


In Uniform

Its origins stem from the UK’s regimental stripe ties of the turn of the twentieth century. The stripes were angled from left to right, or from “heart to sword,” in a nod to their fighting roots. As social clubs and boarding schools adopted the trend, the look was increasingly fashionable among civilians.

The Democratization of an Icon

Brooks Brothers decided to open the style to every man—to Americanize it, you could say—and we boldly separated form from meaning by inverting the direction of the stripes, to instead go from right to left. This act of fashion rebellion gave birth to a new style icon.

The striped rep tie has been a favorite of everyone from U.S. presidents to pop-art stars. Today, its fan base is as varied as the accessory itself, extending beyond the military and the Ivy League elite to the businessman in search of the perfect statement piece to wear in the boardroom.

The 200th Anniversary Commemorative Tie Collection

Celebrating the quality, taste and style that have defined Brooks Brothers for two centuries, these limited-edition neckties are crafted from pure silk satin for a touch of refinement. Each feature tipping with our special anniversary pattern, which traces the evolution of our Golden Fleece logo.

Only 200 of each pattern will be made. Each tie is embroidered with its sequential number at the self-keeper loop, making you a part of 200 years of American style.