The Performance Non-Iron Dress Shirt

Here at Brooks, innovation is more than just a buzzword. We’re constantly exploring ways to bring you better-performing, longer-lasting products that preserve the core integrity of what it means to be a Brooks Brothers offering. 

With our latest non-iron innovation, we’ve combined the best of everything we do: luxurious Supima® cotton and COOLMAX® technology, legendary and superior non-iron performance, and a range of fits. Our Performance Non-Iron Dress Shirt has been specially engineered to withstand your daily grind—whatever that may be. A warm subway car in the morning (check). Lunch in the park (check). Biking through midtown in the evening (check). Between the high breathability, lighter weight, comfort stretch and moisture-wicking properties, this new shirt is as essential to your day as that first cup of coffee. It cools you down when things heat up. (By pulling moisture away from your body, which leads to enhanced evaporation, of course.) We started with classic white—because upgrading your wardrobe requires a strong foundation.

Yeah sure, you already have a white shirt…but you don’t have this white shirt.