NYC Drinking & Dining Guide: Charlie Bird

Brunch has become a near-sacred weekly tradition for New Yorkers. From bottomless brunches heavy on the booze to staid family affairs uptown, there is something to appeal to everyone in Manhattan. While options are dizzying (and wait times even more so), there is one place in particular that the Brooks Brothers editorial team returns time and again: Charlie Bird.

This ever-popular space in SoHo is the culinary version of a born-and-bred New Yorker. It is inspired by the artists and musicians who defined the city over the years — and though times have changed, their influence echoes down in the wide-ranging menu. Situated perfectly (and we mean, perfectly) on the corner of King Street and 6th Avenue, Charlie Bird elevates people watching to an art form. The outdoor seating area is especially ideal for summer as a parade of models, musicians, chic tourists and other characters of the downtown set strut past.

In terms of food, Charlie Bird is capable of delighting the most fastidious of diners. Said to also be influenced by jazz and hip-hop, the offerings do have an undeniable Italian tilt. The innovative menu is cohesive, but is still an eclectic mix of many flavors, every bit as diverse as the city itself. The brunch menu (the entirety of the menu, in fact) consists of local produce and fresh seafood — so, no bagels and French toast. Start off the experience with sweet Roasted Peach Focaccia with warm ricotta or nutty Farro Salad with pistachio — both fan favorites. Their cooked-to-perfection octopus and refreshingly tender razor clams set a high standard for seafood, and their small plates of broccoli rabe and escarole take classic Italian comfort food to new levels of deliciousness. For brunch-time traditionalists there are poached eggs with polenta and parmigiano and chive-flavored frittatas.

The inviting space is chic and modern, drenched in exposed brick for an authentic New York feel. A small private room is perfect for celebrations, too — whether it’s a birthday, job promotion or engagement party. To get the crowd going (like you need to), Charlie Bird offers wine, beer and fun cocktails to sip while you watch the world go by. To view menus and a gallery of the unique space, or to make reservations, click here.

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