The New Entrepreneurs: Scott Simpson

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Scott Simpson, 26, runs a variety of websites and clothing outlets out of South London, including his own vintage clothing label—the Scott Fraser Collection, which primarily focuses on styles from the 1930s through 1970s. He also deejays a few nights a week in London, playing 1950s–’60s “soul punk.”

When we asked him what a typical day in the life of Scott Simpson looks like, his response was that his day doesn’t consist of only one thing, of course. “I constantly have to adapt to my different surroundings. Everything comes together under one umbrella because it’s all a natural passion,” he notes. “A lot of the stuff I’m doing is timeless.”

Pairing our Flannel Herringbone Sport Shirt with our Wide-Stripe Cable Crewneck Sweater under a Double-Face Wool-Blend Topcoat (all from the Brooks Brothers Red Fleece collection), Scott says, “Style is endless; fashion is only momentary. So I try to create an identity that has respect for the past but also has an eye for the future.”


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