The New Entrepreneurs: Rosa-Safiah Connell

Rosa-Safiah Connell, 30, is a freelance stylist from Norwich who always had an interest in art and design growing up. During her time in school, Rosa-Safiah studied fine art but later took it upon herself to transition into fashion communication so she could pursue her dreams of becoming a stylist. After interning at i-D magazine in London, she started freelancing on her own to better diversify her work. When we asked her what rules she lives by, her response was, “I always start the day doing visual research, and I try to only take on work that I believe in.”

Styled in our Striped Merino Wool Crewneck Sweater and Five-Pocket Corduroys paired with our Tartan Wool-Blend Trench Coat (all from the Brooks Brothers Red Fleece collection), Rosa-Safiah explains that her personal style is actually different from what she puts together for her clients. “[It’s] quite relaxed and basic, with a combination of textures and prints. I love jeans, tailored blazers or cashmere jumpers with a nice boot.” 



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