The New Entrepreneurs: Reena Hammer

London-native Reena Hammer, 29, is the managing director of Urban Retreat, a high-end beauty spa based on the fifth floor of Harrods Knightsbridge. Her parents opened the salon in 2000 and Reena, an only child, has helped grow the company into one of the world’s leading beauty destinations.

Reena started off working with her father to help build the business, but she was later influenced by her mother to move toward the beauty and marketing side. She considers her parents to be her inspiration because “they are both very formidable people in their industries,” she says. A lesson she’s learned is to “[not] worry about things you have no control over. If it’s going to rain, there’s nothing you can do about it other than plan for it.”

Wearing our Stretch-Wool V-Neck Dress from the Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Collection, Reena gives us a peek into her personal style. “I have to be quite a few different people at work, so I have to dress the part,” Reena explains. “When meeting with Harrods or other brands, I make sure to have a great handbag, a hat with a nice dress and shoes. When I’m feeling creative at head office, I love to wear draped clothing with jewelry and lots of color.”