The New Entrepreneurs: Danny Chan

Danny Chan, 32, is a filmmaker from East London who seeks to make a positive difference in the world. After starting out as an actor, he slowly transitioned to the writing and directing side so that he could start working on films he truly believed in, he says. In the beginning, Danny dabbled in fashion films, music video and commercials to find his way as an artist. Currently, the majority of his work touches on social issues in an effort to get people to think about who they really are.

“I want to express some type of change in the world,” Danny elaborates. “People who inspire me are the ones who take risks and face adversity. I really look up to the mentality of tacking things head on and believing in yourself and doing things anyways. It’s something I try to achieve.”

When it comes to his personal style, Danny likes to keep it casual with pieces that have a relaxed fit. Dressed in our Pheasant-Embroidered Oxford Sport Shirt and Garment-Dyed Chinos with a Donegal Wool Tie and Fleece-Lined Wool Jacket (all from the Brooks Brothers Red Fleece collection), Danny explains that the older he gets, the more his style is about comfort and functionality.


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