A look behind the scenes of our fall campaign

Clothes have the singular ability to conjure up intimate memories, those visceral snapshots that perfectly capture a moment in time. Some of these images have become grainy; others remain sharply in focus; but woven into our memories and experiences is the fabric of who we are as individuals. We dress ourselves in more than clothes; rather, the way we dress acts as a window into our lives. Putting on that first navy blue blazer to perform magic tricks as a kid. Stepping into a bespoke suit on your wedding day. Tying your own bow tie moments before winning an Academy Award®. Dressing the part to meet the President of the United States. We hear about these pivotal life events so often that we decided it was time to start sharing them. These are just a few of the personal stories that inspired us on the set of the Brooks Brothers fall campaign.

Behind the doors of Studio 4 at Milk Studios in Hollywood, six-time Emmy® nominee Christina Hendricks of Mad Men and her husband, actor Geoffrey Arend, are sitting on a white leather couch giggling over something Geoffrey has whispered into Christina’s ear, while photographer Carlo Miari Fulcis checks the images on a screen. It’s the last day of shooting the fall campaign, and the energy is electric. Christina jokes that they’re like one of those old married couples out of a romantic comedy. Except that their chemistry is no Hollywood act. Geoffrey starts reminiscing about proposing to Christina. “You have to give the abbreviated story!” she exclaims. But he doesn’t. Instead, he recounts each carefully planned detail, from the chandelier under which he proposed, to selecting the glen plaid fabric for the Brooks Brothers suit he wore down the aisle. Hendricks says, “He just looked so handsome—and so nervous. He looked so nervous!”

Clothes have the singular ability to conjure up intimate memories, those visceral snapshots that perfectly capture a moment in time.

Fulcis and creative director Channing Ross tell the crew that it’s a wrap, and Hendricks jumps to pick up the couple’s cockapoo puppy, Zou Zou, who has been watching from the sidelines. The fashion portion of the shoot is over, and stylist Ashley Weston and her team are packing up racks of cable cashmere sweaters, jackets with horn buttons, tweeds and ties. Over the past five days, we’ve relived the excitement of Tony Goldwyn, who shared his story of being reacquainted with the brand while playing the part of the Commander-in-Chief on the ABC series Scandal. It was an invitation to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner that led him to meet the President wearing a custom Brooks Brothers tuxedo. We also hear about screenwriter Graham Moore’s epic moment of winning an Academy Award® for The Imitation Game, as well as defining childhood memories from actors Yara Shahidi and Matt McGorry—and we get a window into Joshua Sasse’s view on the current state of tailored clothing. At the heart of each moment, we learn something more about these remarkable seven artists than the clothes they choose to wear. Rather, we discover how their choices frame these stories. We follow Hendricks and Arend, hand in hand, out of Studio 4 and down a hallway to a soundproof room, where we start the video cameras rolling and ask:

What’s your Brooks Brothers story?