Men’s Style Edit: Add a little elegance to the holidays

Is there any better time to add a little festiveness and excitement to your mode of dressing than during the twinkling lights and wonder of the winter holidays? It’s the perfect moment to playfully reflect the sparkle of the season in your style choices. Holiday dressing exudes personal taste, flair and a respect for the occasion. It’s something to be celebrated and, like an elaborate holiday meal, is easy to identify when either effortlessly presented — or a bit overdone. Also, for better or worse, style highs and lows are usually captured in photos, so ensure that documentation of your sartorial decisions is memorable for all the right reasons.

Few things are as powerfully understated as our velvet tuxedo jackets — you’ll feel it the moment you slip one on. Wear to an event, dinner or any gathering and appeal to any dress code. Pair with our cashmere turtleneck sweater for a suave appearance of international dash, a piqué dress shirt and trousers for ease, or a tuxedo shirt paired with a Black Watch tartan, velvet or Prince of Wales bow tie instantly transforms. Take things up two degrees with our shawl-collar jacket.

And, we highly suggest a pair of velvet slippers. They’re a natural pairing for a tuxedo, but also trousers (and even jeans). You can even wear them to breakfast on holiday mornings and, as seasoned slipper-wearers know, will likely receive an unexpected amount of respect. These may be new territory for some, yet they work well on all.

For a daytime look that holds the same polish but feels more appropriate for a holiday luncheon, pair our flannel trousers and sport shirt with a knit tie, a plaid sport coat and cordovan tassel loafers, Chelsea or chukka boots. Toss on a tartan barn coat or cashmere wool overcoat.

One of the best efforts of the season is a pair of tartan pants, paired with our cashmere turtleneck or shawl-collar sweater and a beautiful pair of our Italian-made shoes to keep things balanced. For added flair, ’tis the season to layer on the Black Watch and Prince of Wales, velvet and flannel, for your finest combinations of holiday style.

’Tis the season to layer on the Black Watch and Prince of Wales, velvet and flannel

It’s the time of year when style possibilities are part of the festivities: The conventional mingles with the unexpected, patterns and textures are as joyful as the season, and, best of all, everyone’s invited to join the party!