Master Class with Dan Feinberg

Go behind the scenes with our Director of Global Merchandising 

Dan Feinberg is a liaison between our design team and our customers. He keeps an eye on trends without losing sight of the sales floor. More than just prerequisites for the job, these qualities define his inquisitive nature. Here he shares his early design inspiration and top three picks for the season.


When did you become interested in fashion?
My interest in fashion has evolved from solely functional into also expressing my moods. The great part about Brooks Brothers is that I don’t have to think about what I want to wear, as it’s always been my style. I started working in retail stores in the D.C. area and always liked observing how customers selected and styled their clothing, which piqued my interest in design.   

How long have you been at Brooks Brothers?
I’ve worked for Brooks Brothers for four years, but I’ve been a fan of the brand since I was a kid. 

How would you describe your personal style?
Preppy-casual. The right-fitting shirt and chinos are essential. I like to look and feel relaxed, whether I’m dressing up or dressing down. 

What can we expect to see more of in the future for sportswear and Red Fleece this summer?
You can expect to see styles that are comfortable, yet refined — the ultimate luxury. 

What’s your favorite item in your closet?
I can’t live without a pair of chinos, a gingham shirt and a sweatshirt. 

Where’s your favorite place to go for design inspiration?
Tokyo and Los Angeles. I’m also constantly inspired by walking the streets of New York, and by our Flatiron Store.


1. Last book you read?
Just Kids
by Patti Smith

2. What bands are you listening to now?
Right now my Spotify jumps between genres depending on what I’m doing. It could be Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Years & Years or Bastille.

3. Past or present, whose style do you most admire?
JFK — his style was effortless. He had a classic way of dressing that never looked contrived. Even his pictures from summer vacations echo this sensibility.

4. A style trend you’d like to see revived?
I would love to see the classic three-piece suit revived and revised.

5. A trend you’d like to see retired?
Disposable clothing. I prefer timeless style. Long-lasting investment pieces are better for your soul and for the environment.


Seersucker Sport Coat    
Bedford Cord Chinos   
    Oxford Sport Shirt


We designed the perfect lightweight sport coat for summer — we softened the construction and overdyed the fabric to achieve a relaxed yet refined feel. Shop now


Bedford Cord is a favorite menswear fabrication; it’s utilitarian-inspired so it’s generally heavier. We worked with our fabric mill to lighten the weight and add a little stretch, making this our new preferred pants to pair with a blazer for the office or a polo on the weekends.  Shop now


We updated our traditional button-down with a Batiste oxford fabric, creating a lightweight, garment-dyed shirt in soft, bright colors. This is my top pick if you’re looking for the perfect shirt to wear on summer Fridays or to a casual Sunday brunch by the beach. Shop now