The Leading Man’s Must List

Janie Bryant, style sage of Mad Men, swung by to dispense some sartorial wisdom. The key? Balance, tailoring and knowing when to try new things.

1Make it a strong silhouette
“Well-cut clothes create a powerful and elegant line,” says Bryant. “It all comes down to fit.” An ill-fitting sport jacket with sleeves too long or shoulders too big can make you look smaller. Similarly, a rumpled jacket or trousers that puddle at the bottom send a sloppy message, she advises.


“My mother always says that every man should own a TUXEDO” 


2Accessorize accordingly
Details, not surprisingly, do make the difference, she says. Break out your socks, pocket squares and ties—details that allow for “expressing yourself through pattern and color—especially if a suit is more conservative.” Of course, collar-bars, tie tacks and cufflinks add a confident sartorial wink too.

3Know thy tailor
“Even the best suits call for a little nip and tuck,” says Bryant, who urges that you find a trusted tailor and submit to his tape measure. Jot down your “lucky numbers” and refer to them with you when you shop.


4Get a tux
Formal occasions are a guarantee. But borrowing a tux that fits isn’t. “My mother always says that every man should own a tuxedo,” says Bryant, who’s partial to a shawl collar or peak-lapel, one-button style. “The classic white dinner jacket always stands out in a crowd, but make sure it’s worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day.”


5Broaden your hue
“A navy suit looks amazing on every man, but I love to see a chalk stripe or Glen plaid or herringbone,” says Bryant. “Even a subtle pattern makes a difference in a suit.”

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