It’s the biggest day in your life, when all eyes are on you and your beloved. Beyond happy, you’re glowing among family and friends. On this day of a hundred selfies, you’re svelte and secure. When you unbutton your perfectly cut jacket, the trousers designed to fit you are totally comfortable. You chose the best, with Made to Measure from Brooks Brothers.

Made to Measure tailored clothing at Brooks Brothers is an intelligent investment, the best value that every groom should consider. Whether it’s a tuxedo, a suit (in the finest wools or white linen) or the sharpest sport coat with trousers, Made to Measure wedding attire is “a treat that you deserve for the most important day of your life,” says Matteo Cavaliere, the global director of Brooks Brothers Made to Measure. “Once you spoil yourself with a perfectly fitted jacket and trousers, you understand how much better you feel.’’ More than a designer label, he explains, “our Made to Measure is a mindset.”

With Brooks Brothers Made to Measure, “You’re getting the best possible garment made in North America,” attests Cavaliere. “This is 201 years of Brooks Brothers’ heritage, the best tailoring at Brooks Brothers’ suit factory in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Fabrics from the best Italian mills.” These special orders are delivered in about three to four weeks at one of 120 Brooks Brothers stores across North America.

Custom tailoring at this level has never been so affordable. Made to Order suits start at $1,145 and are ideal for men who fit standard sizes, with minimal tailoring. Brooks Brothers offers hundreds of fabrics and details like peak lapels, double vents, ticket pockets and custom linings. Men with an athletic build—who may require a jacket in a larger size than their trousers—will find Made to Order a great option as well.

Starting at $1,395, Brooks Brothers Made to Measure suits, with a half-canvas lining, provide customized tailoring for men with longer or shorter arms, a bigger belly or sloping shoulders, for example. Top-tier Golden Fleece Made to Measure suits, starting at $1,695, feature a full-canvas lining and the highest quality fabrics.

Every client gets the full Brooks Brothers retail experience, as our sartorial experts curate your head-to-toe look with the added bonus of a 20% savings on every accessory you buy, including custom shirts, starting at $140, crafted in Brooks Brothers’ own Garland, North Carolina, shirt factory.

Of course, a dapper groom needs an elegant wedding party. That’s why we invite your best man, your dad and your groomsmen to get custom-suited—with discounts between 20% and 25% on all Made to Measure suits and accessories—some of which make great gift ideas. Only Brooks Brothers can give this special pricing to clients, as it maximizes the efficiencies and savings from its U.S. factories. “No other retailer other can offer you this value,” Cavaliere attests.