Editors’ Picks: Tokyo to New York

The Fall 2019 collection has just arrived from our Tokyo runway with impeccable style.

1979 was a good year: the height of new wave music, the introduction of portable tape players and the opening of our first international Brooks Brothers shop in Tokyo. To celebrate 40 years of global style, we hosted our fall runway show at the iconic Meijijingu Gaien stadium. GQ’s Creative Director at Large, Jim Moore, styled the collection with incredible attention to pattern and texture mixing, bringing his refreshing perspective to each look––an homage to heritage that feels both timeless and new. “Putting a hoodie with a tweed jacket takes the jacket to a new place but keeps it sophisticated.”

Japanese style is carefully studied and cultivated with an acute sense of curiosity. A culture of exceptional taste and aesthetic prowess, the Japanese take time to understand authenticity—true, classic quality—the story behind every garment. A glimpse at any Japanese fashion magazine unveils a highly detailed world of style often dedicated to one single product: every variation, version, ethos and reference imaginable, all captured with a playful sophistication that’s uniquely Japanese. Even if it’s not your first, second or language at all, their original mix of textures and proportions allows you to step into their culture and value what they value—authenticity, quality, history and innovative thinking—just as we do. For 40 years, it’s been inspiring to see our collections adapted and styled in such original ways.

The first collection pieces have arrived just in time for the fall season, and we’ve put together some of our favorite looks from the show.

1. The 14-wale stretch cotton corduroy pants in Milano fit may just be the most versatile pair of the new season, veering from tradition just slightly enough to exude personal character and effortless sophistication. For a refined look, pair with our cashmere sweater in contrasting black, softer navy or tonal beige. For the weekend, one of our Fall Fair Isle sweaters is also a well-textured choice.

2. Our merino wool rowing blazer is unstructured and knit, bringing a sporty sensibility to tailored slim-fit denim, chinos or wide-leg ankle-skimming pants. Match with our classic blue or white oxfords, a textured sweater or, for a borrowed-from-the-boys look, one of our boys’ polo shirts.

3. Prep-school style for the evolved: Our ivy green-striped oxford sport shirt is designed to be layered with contrasting colors and patterns. Pair with our rust-stripe archive-inspired tie, beautifully draped navy overcoat and wool trousers for a smart look. From sport to street, our luxurious burgundy baseball hat in the finest pure wool adds a casual touch.

4. Made to Measure for the relaxed yet distinctive: The houndstooth tweed suit can be worn to the office, in the country, or globe-trotting—all with complete ease and a change of shirt. Pair with a rotation of bold oxford shirts, like our purple Milano fit here, styled with a contrasting paisley tie and our reversible bomber jacket––a fresh take on color and proportion that makes it simple to wear a customized and personalized suit every day.

5. Break the formalwear rules: Our white oxford pajama shirt may make for an unconventional formal shirt, but its wrinkle-resistant nature brings understated formal flair to our 1818 tuxedo pants and Golden Fleece penny loafers––a refined, cool way to get more mileage out of both.

6. Heading to an event, dinner or both? For a sophisticated look blending European sensibility and American heritage, pair a white polo with a Made to Measure velvet dinner jacket in a handsomely refined shade of green. Our 1818 tuxedo pants or grey flannel trousers add versatility to this ensemble.