Fit for an Athlete: An Exclusive Interview with Doug Weight

Doug Weight, coach of the New York Islanders hockey team, is a regular Made to Measure customer. We caught up with him and his tailor, Mario Mirabella, after the season to ask how Made to Measure supports his lifestyle while on the road.

Brooks Brothers: What made you decide to try Made to Measure?

Doug Weight: I’ve been buying Made to Measure suits for a while. During the season, we travel so much—I’m on a plane three times a week. I’m also known to get a little fired up during the games. I need to be able to move and feel comfortable, while also looking sharp. Getting suits, jackets and shirts specially made for my body helps me achieve that.

BB: What challenges did you find shopping off the rack?

DW: As an athlete, it’s always difficult finding clothing that fits right, especially in the seat, legs, arms and chest. The most uncomfortable part of wearing a suit for me is feeling constricted in the chest and neck by a shirt and tie. I noticed the difference of a Made to Measure shirt right away—the tailors could custom tailor it to be comfortable without being loose and baggy. The arm holes are the perfect size and positioned in the right way so that I have full range of movement. These are all details you probably wouldn’t think about or notice just by looking at it, but when you wear it, you absolutely notice it. I can never go back to wearing off-the-rack shirts now.

BB: You’ve been working with our master stylist, Mario Mirabella, for six years now. How has that relationship evolved?

DW: Mario is a great tailor, and I love everything he does for me. Once your tailor has your measurements, you don’t have to think about sizes or styles for tailored clothing anymore. I call Mario and tell him I need a few suits and shirts for the season, and he knows what I like and what looks good. I rely on his expertise for style, but he also understands the importance of being comfortable.

There are a lot of details Mario thinks about when he creates custom clothing for me that make this way of shopping really worthwhile. He makes me two pairs of pants for every suit jacket, so when I get off an airplane, I have a fresh pair I can change into. This helps suits last longer too, since pants always take a lot more of a beating than jackets. That’s an option you can’t get buying off-the-rack.

Mario Mirabella: When I make his shirts, I put two buttons on the collar so that it stands up correctly and still looks sharp without a tie, since he doesn’t always like to wear one. I also make the left sleeve a little bit wider to account for his wristwatch.

DW: He also recently started making clothing for my son, Danny, who’s a hockey player too. When Danny played on the U.S. National Team Development Program U-17 team, Mario made him a suit with a surprise detail of a USA flag under the back of the collar. That really made the suit extra special for him.

Made to Measure is offered at every Brooks Brothers Retail store, with shirts starting at $129 and suits at $1,395. Click here to learn more about the program.