L.A.’s fashion insider & stylist for our fall campaign
shares her must-haves for the season.

Brooks Brothers: What’s trending for fall? 

Ashley Weston: Suede outerwear is a big fall trend for men right now — especially light gray, caramel and sand tones. I’ve been shouting from the rooftops about these pieces for the past year or so, and I’m so glad they’re picking up steam. 

BB: What’s one styling tip you give to men? 

Ashley: I see this mistake time and time again, and it throws an outfit completely off. You get to choose and wear three colors in your head-to-toe outfit (including shoes, belt and other accessories). So pick those three colors and stick to them (or their similar-toned brethren) for an outfit. If you can do this, you’re winning the menswear game and will look sharp and better than most men out there. I promise.

BB: Who did you style the first time you worked with Brooks Brothers? 

Ashley: I first worked with Brooks Brothers when I styled the NASA Mars Rover team for GQ. A few weeks prior, they’d just landed on Mars, and I was so excited when I got the call to work with them. My first thought was, “What brand has a long and storied American heritage like NASA that would be the perfect pairing for such a momentous shoot?” Brooks Brothers immediately came to mind. We’ve been working together ever since.

BB: What was your favorite moment working on the set of our fall campaign? 


Ashley: I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, because I never get starstruck working with clients, but meeting Tony Goldwyn turned me into a giddy fangirl for a good half hour. He’s every bit as charming and handsome in person as he is on television. I also love that the suit we put him in fit him so perfectly off the rack.

BB: What are your top five picks this season? 

Ashley: 1) Men’s Jacket: This jacket’s color and design are timeless and perfectly simple. There’s not much variety in menswear that falls between an overcoat and a sport coat or suit jacket, and this hits the sweet spot so well.

2) Men’s Monkstrap shoe: This shoe’s warm color and cozy suede will freshen up your fall/winter wardrobe while still being functional all the way through spring. When I think of a non-summer dress shoe, this pair comes to mind.

3) Men’s Green Sport Coat: This is a great, heavier, well-constructed sport coat, and the dark green adds a nice, subtle lift to any fall/winter color palette. Most men don’t have this color in their wardrobe. This jacket really makes me consider adding it to my list of essentials.

4) Women’s Bag: I love the clean geometric lines, and brown is a great color for fall. Everybody needs a timeless brown bag like this in their closet. I have a feeling my family will be getting some of these this holiday season.


5) Women’s Fur: I want to live in this vest from now on. It’s so luxurious and supple. When I saw this in person, I had to try it on, and once it was on, I didn’t want to give it back. It’s a great layering piece and elevates any casual outfit.