What’s not to love about this high-quality cotton?

To say something is one-of-a-kind is to suggest it has no equals. In the case of Supima®, this is especially true. Rare in every sense—less than one percent of the cotton annually produced in the world qualifies as Supima—this unique cotton has a luxurious look and feel that sets it apart. It’s grown in a small microclimate of the southwestern United States, and California’s San Joaquin Valley in particular, making it highly prized around the world. Such is our love for Supima, that we’ve used it to craft many of our most enduring favorites—icons of fashion such as our Original Polo® Button-Down Oxford, our essential Performance Polo, incomparable non-iron shirts and women’s twin sets.

It’s softer.
The extra-long fiber lengths make Supima incredibly soft. Fewer fiber ends are exposed, which eliminates the abrasive feeling of traditional cotton. It has the luster of silk and the feel of cashmere—it is love at first touch.

It’s brighter.
The long, dense fibers of Supima absorb and retain dye better than most other cotton, ensuring vibrant, long-lasting color that endures throughout the lifetime of the garment. Your non-iron dress shirts, oxfords, T-shirts and polos (and even your bath towels) will have a brilliant color that won’t fade.

It’s stronger.
Super-durable and forty-five percent stronger than traditional cotton, it’s also less likely to pill or shrink. This resiliency means garments will drape better—and also means greater comfort and a fit that doesn’t change over time. You can look forward to having it for life.