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Caring for Your Shoes

A well-polished shoe is something to behold. Regrettably, many of us don’t take the same care of our footwear as we do our clothing or other accessories. But with some very simple maintenance and minimal expense, the shoes on your feet really can go the distance. 

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Your Perfect Polo

Our iconic Performance Polo is to summer what a cashmere sweater is to winter: Indispensable in every sense. Like a cool gin and tonic or a crisp glass of iced tea, nothing puts the carefree spirit of summer within reach like this wardrobe essential.

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Business Casual: Fear Not

As part of his style residency, author and guest editor David Coggins is simplifying business casual. He’s cracking the code for readers, talking about the importance of versatility and comfort in the new work order.

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All About Supima

Supima ® is one of the most sought-after cottons in the world. It’s super-soft, incredibly strong and offers long-lasting color—making it an essential component for many of our most iconic pieces.

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