Being generous is about more than what’s under the tree

While the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, they’re also the busiest. There are gift lists upon gift lists. Calendars filled with a boundless parade of parties. And endless plans that need making. And it only seems to get busier. All the more reason, we thought, why it’s important to keep in mind the most important part of the holidays and dedicate this season to the art of giving.

“A favor acknowledged, a kind gesture returned, remembering a loved one’s favorite treat, these are acts of true generosity”

It is truly an art, requiring conscious effort and practice to maintain, but it’s more than worth it. It’s a way of being in the world, a graciousness and warmth that sets others at ease and makes them feel valued and appreciated. From small gestures such as opening doors or smiling warmly to being a welcoming host, an attentive friend and engaged and thoughtful guest, make a point of being giving this season. When choosing a gift, consider whom it’s for and what would bring them joy. A gift given that’s been chosen with consideration and meaning brings more joy to the giver and the giftee. And remember: being a gracious recipient is also a kind of generosity. Allow yourself to be given to as well—it’s a gift to the giver.